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Life comes at us with difficult circumstances and we can think that we are all alone

Personal Injiry law attorney

Why Hire an Injury Lawyer

Insurance companies make both unintended mistakes and overly shrewd estimates when they conduct their “investigations.” They might determine that an accident is your fault, for instance, when in fact it was not. A personal injury lawyer can help you to fight back in these situations.

You might be tempted to accept a seemingly generous offer from the insurance company to settle a claim against it. You might do the math and calculate that all of your previous bills will be paid by the amount of the settlement. What you might not figure in are future medical expenses, which can be far more substantial than you realize. You also might leave lost work time out of your equation. Let a personal injury lawyer help you to determine if an insurance company’s payout will be enough for you now and 10 years down the road. Serious medical conditions can arrive much later after an original incident or exposure to a harmful chemical. A personal injury lawyer has experience in such cases and will know how much compensation you might need to make it in the future.

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Laws that govern compensation in a wide variety of cases are complex, far beyond the average layman’s training or education, no matter how many episodes of legal dramas you have watched! A personal injury lawyer has years of experience in cases much like yours and knows immediately what areas of law apply to your situation. You might discover that certain workplace regulations were not followed, for example, making your “accident” an incident for which your employer is responsible, not you. Personal injury lawyers are also well versed in digging to get to the truth of the matter. They have many legal means to get access to records that might incriminate your employer or landlord or even the builder of the shopping center where you slipped. In short, a personal injury lawyer knows where to look and how to look for key components in a case that will ensure justice for you.

Finally, a personal injury lawyer is completely familiar with the deadlines for filing legal action in cases that you might consider. You will not know of these deadlines unless you do an extensive inquiry. Your personal injury lawyer will know them by memory and can make sure that you do not miss deadlines and jeopardize your case.

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Life comes at us with difficult circumstances and we can think that we are all alone. Many of us just accept a faulty medical device, a seemingly random accident at work or persistent coughing because of asbestos on the factory floor. We don’t realize that no matter how helpless we might feel and how inevitable the painful circumstances of a defective hip implant or dog bite in the neighborhood might seem, there is a powerful ally that is simply waiting to help us: the personal injury lawyer.

A personal injury lawyer enjoys helping people who have nowhere else to turn when life gets hard through no fault of their own. S/he is expertly trained in helping average people to exercise their full rights under the law and get the compensation they deserve, rather than to suffer in silence with huge medical bills to boot.

That same personal injury lawyer can also protect you when an insurance company or dog owner comes after you. You can rest assured that you are being well defended and you are not on your own in court.

Personal injury lawyers also offer services that many people do not know about, including assistance in collecting medical benefits and tracking down needed records for legal action and personal files. They can give a lot of help when it comes time to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company, whatever has befallen you.

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